Post Docs & Research Fellows

Jorge Luis Gallego Zapata Estudiante (2019-2020, Fulbright Fellow)

Jorge just joined our team as a Fulbrighter and will be working on a project entitled “Pesticide Use and Toxicity Biomarkers of Allium cepa L. Cultivated in Colombia” His research addresses how inadequate handling of agrochemicals leads to the accumulation of residual quantities in the environment and food products. The aim of this research is to assess pesticide residues and their toxicity in soils, water, sediments, and cultivated onions in an intensive agricultural region in Colombia.



Joseph Warren (2013- 2017, Research Assistant – Lab Manager)Allie And Joe

Joe is worked on two main projects including the development of an in situ sulfate sampler and passive sampling of munitions in marine systems. He eventually moved into our graduate program as a Masters student and you can read more about him under the graduate student links.

Dr. Richard Smith ( 2010- 2014, post-doctoral investigator)


Rick worked on several aspects of our munitions fate and transport project tracking 15N labelled TNT and RDX mineralization pathways. He was also involved in several lignin phenol biomarker studies with Prof. Craig Tobias’s Lab.

He is Now President of Global Aquatic Research in Rochester NY.