Undergraduate Students


Rebha Raviraj (Marine Sciences SURF recipient summer 2021)

Rebha is investigating microplastic distribution in Long Island Sound tributaries and embayments.

Raul Flamenco (NSF-REU, summer 2019)
Raul studies Marine Sciences and worked on both mercury and pesticide concentrations in Harbor Seal pup tissues from stranded pups collected across the northeast U.S.  He was awarded the outstanding REU fellowship and will be presenting his research at the 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego.
Oriana Strieleman (NSF-REU, summer 2018)

Oriana, a biochemistry student, worked on the degradation rates of natural organic matter from Long Island Sound. She presented this work at the a American Geophysical Union (AGU) in Wasgington DC, December 2018.

Stephen Cangelosi (Biomedical Engineering, summer 2017)

Steve orked on setting up the pioneering DUCOS time series and developed the interface for data archiving and retrieval.

Jessica Hinckley (Marine Sciences SURF recipient, summer 2017)

Jess is working on our new DUCOS time series of dissolved carbon dioxide and oxygen in Long Island Sound. Her research involves alkalinity and CO2.

catrina-2016-cmas Catherine Nowakowski (Environmental Engineering SURF recipient, summer 2016)

Catrina is investigating numerical techniques to establish predictors for eutrophication in Lake Erie.

Holly Westbrook Holly Westbrook (Marine Sciences, summer & fall 2016) Holly is working on alkalinity measurements in the Barn Island marsh
Kelsey Kelsey Adamson (Chemical Engineering, summer 2015)

Kelsey worked on the uptake of sulfate in a seeded gel as a method for in situ sensing.

kayla Kayla Hodge (Marine Sciences, UConn, 2013-2015)

Kayla worked on several projects including environmental extractions, mathematical modelling and also assembled our lab’s standard operating procedures manual. She is am currently attending Florida Institute of Technology trying to earn my Master’s in Chemical Oceanography.

gwen Gwen Merlen (Chemistry Major, Wellesley College, summer 2011)

Gwen worked on extraction from fish oils and measuring targeted compounds. She is now a graduate student at UCSD.

Meg Meg Graustein (Chemical Oceanography, UConn, 2008-2010)

Meg participated in the Gulf of Mexico Carbon Cruise sampling atmospheric concentrations of prefluorinated hydrocarbons. Her work resulted in a paper in Atmospheric Environment
(Survey of polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) in the atmosphere over the northeast Atlantic Ocean).

David David Cady (Chemistry, UConn, 2008-2011)

David worked on and mastered every instrument in our group and went on to master most of the instruments in the department! He was a NASA  intern of the year in summer 2016 and is back at NASA this year (2017).