Graduate Students


Samantha Rush (PhD student): Samantha is working on the biogeochemistry of the Arctic marginal ice zone. Her work involves evaluating the biogeochemical profiles in Arctic sea ice cores and the potential changes in Arctic Ocean water quality amidst the receding polar ice cap (see the AMIZA project). Samantha is a Harriott Fellow nominee and received the National Science Foundation’s prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP). She is also a recipient of the Strategic Priority Graduate Assistantships at UCONN.
Lucy Hendrickson (PhD student): Lucy is working on the air-sea gas exchange of carbon dioxide in high winds by constraining gas exchange parameterizations associated with turbulent regimes and isolating changes in gas exchange due to sea spray. Her work is interdisciplinary and integrates chemical and physical oceanography. She is a Jorgensen Fellowship nominee and was selected to join team-TERRA, an NSF funded interdisciplinary graduate training program at UCONN.
Lauren J. Barrett (PhD student): Lauren has joined us to work on the EPA/NOAA funded Long Island Sound Respire Program. She is investigating the coastal carbonate system in both Long Island Sound and the Arctic ice edge and linkages to biogeochemical cycles. Lauren was a Jorgensen Fellowship nominee and was recently selected for the Knauss Fellowship. More details on Lauren’s work are available at her website.


Emma Shipley (PhD 2023): Emma received the Jorgensen Fellowship and is worked on the transport and fate of chemical compounds in aqueous systems. Her work has included the KiPP project in Sri Lanka, working as an EPA ORISE Fellow on passive sampling in marine waters and porewaters and tracking bromoanisols and bromophenols in temperate and polar regions. Emma is currently an Environmental Analyst with New England Water Protection (NEIWPCC) in Rhode Island.

Emma’s Research Profile

Mary McGuinness (Master’s 2022): Mary joined the team in 2020 after receiving the Crandall Fellowship and  worked on alkalinity in coastal embayments. Mary is currently and Environmental Analyst with York Analytical Labs.
Allison Staniec (PhD 2020): Allie received the Outstanding Scholars award as a kick start. She is worked on a National Science Foundation (NSF) project involving air-sea gas exchange studies. Her research evaluated the importance of sea spray in gas exchange across wind fields. She was selected as an NSF Dissertations in Chemical Oceanography Fellow (DISCO) in 2021. Allie is now a scientist at Electric Boat.

Allie’s Research Profile

Allison Byrd (Master’s 2019): Allison  is studied both contaminant transport and Long Island Sound biogeochemistry. She worked on an EPA funded Project assessing elemental budgets in Long Island Sound.  Allison is now a Research Scientist (Researcher III Environmental Chemist) at the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) in Minnesota (University of Minnesota, Duluth). Her contact information is here.

Allison’s Research Profile

Joseph Kyle Warren (Master’s 2017): Joe participated in several of our group projects but his research focus was on the development of the ethylene vinyl acetate passive samplers and the sulfate sampler for aquatic systems. Joe is now in California at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute | MBARI. His contact information is here.

Joe’s Research Profile

Thivanka Ariyarathna (PhD 2016): Thivanka worked on the fate and transport of the munitions TNT and RDX in coastal systems using stable nitrogen isotopes to trace degradation and mineralization rates. (Photo:  Thivanka and Prof. Vlahos outside of field sampling site in Rawalupane, Sri Lanka). She is currently an Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences at Rowan University. She can be contacted here.

Thivanka’s Research Profile

Joanne Joanne Elmoznino (PhD 2015): Joanne’s research resulted in the first estimates of perfluorinated hydrocarbons (ie teflon and scotch guard) from waste-water treatment effluents entering Long Island Sound. Her research also followed the fate and transport of these compounds along the Housatonic River Estuary and established partition coefficients for wastewater effluent particulates. She is now Environmental Risk Assessment Senior Scientist at Pfizer.

Joanne’s Research Profile

Kristin_Raub Kristin Raub (Master’s 2014): Kristin Evaluated the efficacy of three methods to sample environmental contaminants using i) traditional extraction methods, ii) bio-monitoring with oysters and iii) passive samplers. She received her PhD in Environmental Economics at the University of Vermont and was awarded the Knauss Science & Policy Research Fellowship. She was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI). She is currently a Research Scientist at Northeastern’s Global Resilience Institute.

Kristen’s Research Profile

Tiff cropped Tiffany St. George (Master’s 2013): Tiffany performed the basic calibrations and tests of our groups passive samplers and applied them to detect pesticides and brominated flame retardants in the Thames River Estuary. She was Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the US Coast Guard Academy until she moved to China where she is now.

Tiffany’s Research Profile

IVY Ivy Manalao (Master’s): Ivy is now a lecturer at the University of the Phillipines in the Department of Chemistry. Her research at UConn was part of the Long Island Sound Coastal Observing System (LISICOS) where she worked on nutrient and organic carbon distributions in Long Island Sound.